welcome to dancing in the rain! I’m very pleased you have decided to spend some time in my lil corner of the interweb 🙂

my name is covah (it’s actually my pen name, real name is sophie and i’m the ridiculous michigander who runs this place. i’ve been blogging for a couple years on and off (more off than on but I’m hoping to change that)

allow me tell you a lil’ bit about my blog…

the name was chosen because, like most people, i’ve had some hard times in my life. i’ve had loved ones leave and pass on, i’ve dealt with anxiety since i was a small child, and of course I’ve had the good ol’ fashioned “no-good-very-bad-day”.

“dancing in the rain” comes from this quote:

“Life isn’t about waiting for a storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

-Author unknown

yeah yeah it’s a little cheesy but give me a break i’m sure you have the same collection of cheesy quotes 😛

And this bible verse:

“Let my teaching fall on you like rain; Let my speech settle like dew. Let my words fall like rain on tender grass, like gentle showers on young plants.”

Deuteronomy 32 : 2

the first quote represents the idea that you can’t sit and wallow in the darkness forever. i mean, a little wallowing here and there is fine – you can’t be a ray of sunshine all the live long day – but not forever. at some point you just gotta get up and dance in that darn rain wether you like it or not!

i used to obsessively worry about my life, school, friends, sickness, activities, you name it. it would literally make me sick (which is not good. if it gets that bad for you please ask for some form of help <3) this quote reminds me that i eventually stopped waiting for my worries to go away and that i embraced it and danced in the cool, refreshing rain of freedom.

the bible verse lets me know that God is always there. He teaches me His ways, shows me the right path to take, and keeps me calm when i’m in the middle of the raging storm that is life.

my take on the verse is like God hugging me. His words and love wrap around me, creating an umbrella and blanket to shield me from a storm. He is there to teach me and to help me grow from my worries and mistakes, turning them into a rainbow of hope.

He is also my dance partner. i am not by any means a dancer, i’m actually quite the clumsy human, so having someone as big and great as God lead me in my life dance is one of my greatest personal understandings. i used to view God as a stern, tall, boss man, which He can be if needed, but I’ve grown so much in my walk with God that i excitedly accept Him as my friend, my father, and a dance partner.

i might not always have a deep, inspirational blog post to share. lots of times, i’ll have quite the opposite to share!

what i’m hoping for is that whenever someone is feeling down and just not themselves, that they can come to my blog, read a couple posts and smile. i hope they feel welcomed and loved by both me and God.

i hope people can dance in the rain they are experiencing and share that newfound joy, hope, clarity, or peace with the people they love.

thanks for stopping by,

x covah